Do you have a map that you want
to share with users around the world?

How to publish your map in our Gallery

Just send it to us and we will be happy to publish it in our Map gallery containing collection
of free offline maps of world countries, selected touristic sites, and national parks.

Step 1

Create map you would like to share using CarryMap Builder extension.

Step 2

Read and sign our Memorandum of understanding confirming that by doing so you operate freely, voluntarily and in your own interests.

Step 3

Send us your map and signed Memorandum. That’s it, your map will be added to our Gallery as soon as possible.*


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*Data East reserves the right to refuse to publish any map provided by the contributor, as well as to remove any of the already published maps from the Gallery, in case if Data East considers that this map violates terms of the Memorandum or applicable legislation or if its publication may result in any loss of goodwill or any other harmful consequences for Data East. In any event, Data East will inform such contributor about the publishing refusal or the fact that the published map is to be removed from the Gallery.