Powerful apps to view and work with mobile maps on Android/iOS smartphones and tablets, and Windows Desktop devices

Easy way to view complex maps


No paid subscription or corporate accounts required to access mobile maps via apps and no limitation of number of users applied.

Compatible with popular platforms

Available for the most commonly used Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

Easy to use

Intuitive interface provided to get straight to the point and take full advantage of using the app even by non-expert.

Works offline

All app features including viewing maps, finding current location by GPS, identifying and searching objects are available even offline.

Working with mobile map

CarryMap enables full functional work with mobile maps on your device. No matter where you are, you will be able to search, view information about objects, measure distance, specify target of your route etc. More than this, you can also download free OpenStreetMap maps of world countries, selected U.S. national parks' and hunting unit maps from gallery integrated into CarryMap app and from carrymap.com.

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Field Data Collection

CarryMap application uses standard GeoPackage format for data collection. The original structure of ArcGIS layers with all attributes is preserved while exporting collected data to this format, therefore exported layers can be used in CarryMap as templates for data collection. This opportunity makes it easier to collect data, because during the survey it is more convenient to fill out ready-made template, than to create a new structure on site. In addition, the standards applied at your organization can be considered during creation of these templates, so the data collected by your field crew will be just what you’ve wanted.

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Mobile GIS

CarryMap application is a powerful mobile GIS that is easy to use, free, works offline, and requires no subscriptions or corporate account to utilize. CarryMap provides a set of handy tools for both advanced and GIS-savvy users: create new layers, set objects symbology, add online basemaps etc.

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Import & Export Data

CarryMap supports SHP, GeoPackage, KML and KMZ data formats. That said, you will be able to export any map layer from CarryMap to needed format or import layer from needed format.

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