Field Data Collection

CarryMap application uses standard GeoPackage format for data collection. The original structure of ArcGIS layers with all attributes is preserved while exporting collected data to this format, therefore exported layers can be used in CarryMap as templates for data collection. This opportunity makes it easier to collect data, because during the survey it is more convenient to fill out ready-made template, than to create a new structure on site. In addition, the standards applied at your organization can be considered during creation of these templates, so the data collected by your field crew will be just what you’ve wanted.

Create projects

Sometimes it may be reasonable to combine several mobile maps, collected data layers, and online basemaps to a single project. Thus, all the maps from one project will be displayed on a screen simultaneously to simplify viewing and analyzing spatial data of adjacent areas.

Work offline

Take advantage of using fully functional map on your mobile device, working with your mobile map not tied up with internet connection - identify and search objects, collect data, and edit attributes of collected objects even offline.

Create and edit objects

You can create new spatial objects on your map by simply adding points, lines, and polygons directly with your mobile device. The geometry of these created objects can be edited by changing location of the existing vertexes or by adding the new ones.

Add and edit attributes

While performing surveys or area inspections you can restructure attribute tables of the newly created or imported objects by adding text, numeric, image, and other fields to better describe them.

Fill in attribute data using QR code

You can fill in text fields in the object attributes using QR code. Just select the required field in the object card and tap QR code. Scan the QR code and the retrieved information will be shown.

Record tracks

Using the GPS positioning system of your mobile device you can record your GPS tracks and display your current route on the map.

Exchange maps and data

Support for standard OGC GeoPackage, KML/KMZ and SHP formats allows the easy exchange of spatial data with other users inside and outside the company, as well as between separate specialists and groups of users.

Besides this, you can share your mobile maps and data with your friends and colleagues via email.