Working with mobile map

Use gallery of offline maps

Feeling travel frenzy? Welcome to our gallery to download maps of world countries and US national parks for free and take the road less traveled!

Find current location

Your current location can be found and displayed on the map using the GPS positioning system of your mobile device. Showing current location on map does not require internet, so you will be able to quickly find where you are even in remote locations.

Search objects

Learn information about objects on map, search objects by attributes and coordinates, and zoom to found objects.

Obtain information about objects from content-rich identification cards

Tap any object on the map to open its identification card containing object’s description, including creation date, area, available attachments (photos or videos, if any), etc.

Manage map layers visibility

Set objects display properties by managing map layers visibility. That is, turning some layers off, you can disallow editing or viewing specific data or make your map easier to read.

Measure distance and area

Use handy measurement tool to quickly calculate your route distance or area of made inspection.

Specify destination point or location

Specific object or location on map can be used as destination point of your route, where arrow indicates direction of movement, and destination is marked with flag symbol. That is, your target object or area will not be lost.