Zion National Park, Utah, USA

What do you first recall when you hear about the state of Utah? Most likely, this will be Salt Lake City, Monument Valley, and Mormons… And what about a real miracle of Utah, Zion National Park that equals the well-known Grand Canyon in beauty?

New CarryMap for Windows 5.3 is released!

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New CarryMap 5.3 for Android and iOS are released!

Learn what’s new in the most recent version

Northwind Enterprises uses CarryMap technology to create and distribute offline topographic maps for hunters

Today, specialists from Northwind Enterprises use CarryMap technology in their work. They decided on CarryMap after a long search for solution that could optimize processing of large amount of cartographic data and allow creating compact maps for use on mobile devices.

About CarryMap Apps in brief

Learn about selected CarryMap Apps features in more detail

New CarryMap 5.2 for Android and iOS are released!

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HERE Technologies and students from leading universities use CarryMap for maps update

HERE Technologies has been actively cooperating with leading universities in Russia for more than 5 years implementing projects under the Young GIS specialists training program. 

Ecologists study Siberian orchids with mobile GIS

Mobile application allows to collect and analyze data on rare flowers

Interactive maps for Haliburton Forest visitors

Now tourists and hikers can enjoy exploring the Haliburton area and observing its wildlife with a handy mobile guide

CarryMap for Windows 5.0 is released!

Learn what’s new in the latest update

Mobile map for visitors of the Sebago Lake Land Reserve

The Portland Water District has released the mobile map of the Sebago Lake Land Reserve to support recreational activities

Habitat conservation of living marine resources in Alaska

The most frequently asked questions about status of previous CarryMap 3.x licenses, what has changed after new CarryMap Builder 4.0 release and what are migration options

New CarryMap Builder 4.2 and CarryMap for Windows 4.2 are ready!

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Now ArcGIS map is on your mobile device, what can you do next?

Examples of using mobile maps while working in the field

Interactive maps used in roads construction

Learn how to create a mobile map from your ArcGIS map by example of electric cooperative data

New Mexico visitors do not need internet to use detailed hunting maps of the entire state

Bureau of Land Management uses CarryMap Builder application to publish ArcGIS projects in mobile map format accessible for all New Mexico visitors

CarryMap for Windows is available for downloading!

Meet our most recent release - CarryMap for Windows, a free application for viewing .cmf2 maps on Windows computers.