Download instructions on using the app depending on your device here: Android and iOS.

CMF2 maps can be viewed in CarryMap mobile applications for Android and iOS as well as in CarryMap for Windows application.

1. Open iTunes on your desktop computer

2. Connect your mobile device to your desktop computer via cord 

3. In iTunes windows select your connected device, click Applications, then CarryMap

4. Drag and drop the maps (.cmf2 files) you want to open on your mobile device to the files section

1. Connect your mobile device to your desktop computer via cord

2. The device will be detected and displayed in explorer

3. Copy maps to your mobile device using explorer

Press Windows icon in the upper right part of website in CarryMap Apps section or follow this link.

On the download page select “Download” next to CarryMap for Windows. If you are authorized, the download process will start right after pressing the “Download” button. If you are not authorized, please authorize.

If your download does not start automatically, press “try again” link.

Only authorized users are enabled to download CarryMap Builder and CarryMap for Windows installation files, get license activation keys, check license and maintenance validity status and buy maintenance. 

Please inform us about any bug you find at and describe the problem as you can, providing as many details as possible. Do not forget to mention your CarryMap Builder or CarryMap applications and ArcGIS versions (and service packs, if any)..

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