Access your maps everywhere you go with your mobile device

Fully functional even offline

Don't worry about roaming charges, you don't even need internet to use mobile maps! All app features including viewing maps, finding location, identifying and searching for objects are available even offline.

Easy to use for everyone

Intuitive interface provided to get straight to the point and take full advantage of using the app even by non-expert.

No accounting needed

To access mobile maps, paid subscription as well as corporate and any other accounts are not required. Besides, number of users working with mobile maps is unlimited.

Find where you are located

Your current location can be found and displayed on map using both embedded and external GPS receivers such as Bad Elf. You will never get lost and will be able to quickly find where you are even offline. 

Offline maps gallery

Feeling travel frenzy? Welcome to our gallery to download maps of world countries, touristic sites and selected US national parks for free and take the road less traveled!

Record tracks on the go

Using embedded GPS receiver of your mobile device you can record your tracks and display your current routes on map.

Measure area and distance

Use handy measurement tool to quickly calculate your route distance or area of made inspection.

Always know where to go

It is like compass, but instead of north, CarryMap can show direction to destination point of your route.

Search for objects

Learn information about objects on map, search objects by attributes and coordinates, and zoom to found objects.

Create and edit objects

Create point, line or polygon adding name, description and attachments to not forget points of interest when at home. Edit geometry of added objects changing existing vertexes or adding new ones.

Identify objects on map

Obtain info about surrounding features tapping them on map and viewing their identification cards with description, creation date, attachments (photos, videos).

Share your data with peers

CarryMap supports SHP, GeoPackage, KML and KMZ data formats. That said, you will be able to export any map layer from CarryMap to needed format or import layer from needed format.