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Online help:


Download instructions on using the app depending on your device here: Android and iOS.

  1. From the Google Play or App Store, download and install CarryMap app on your mobile device.
  2. Run the app on your device.
  3. To start working in the app, you need to open any cmf2 map.
  4. For example, select any map in one of the sections in the "Maps Catalog" tab and download it.
  5. After the map is downloaded, tap it to open the map in the working window of the app.
  6. Now you can start working with the map using all the tools available in the CarryMap app.

1. Open iTunes on your desktop computer.
2. Connect your mobile device to your desktop computer via cord.
3. In iTunes windows select your connected device, click Applications, then CarryMap.
4. Drag and drop the maps (CMF2 files) you want to open on your mobile device to the files section.

1. Connect your mobile device to your desktop computer via cord.
2. The device will be detected and displayed in explorer.
3. Copy maps to your mobile device using explorer.

Maps can be also transferred via cloud storage or by email.

For users of Android 11+:

Due to the change in the requirements of Google Play for the minimum version of the API, our application no longer has access to the internal storage of the device. Therefore, in order to open files using our application, users of Android 11+ need to transfer data to the application folder - Android/data/com.dataeast.carrymap/files/CarryMap. After the data is copied to the specified folder, you can restore the lost layers in your projects by adding them again.

Some default settings of Android devices restrict applications' access to certain system functions when running in the background. These restrictions lead to incorrect operation of the main functions of CarryMap application, such as determining the current location and track recording, creating a polygon by track, and using the feature or place on the map as destination. To solve this issue, you need to change the system settings of your smartphone or tablet, which are responsible for optimizing battery consumption and regulating access to location data. Without these changes, CarryMap application will not be able to receive your location data in the background and the above functions will not work correctly.

Read more in our article.

With the new CarryMap 5.6 release the old CMF format is not more supported, which means the old maps in CMF format are not automatically converted to the new CMF2 format when opening files. Now you will need to convert your CMF maps to the new CMF2 format using CarryMap Builder, the Desktop extension to ArcGIS. To do so, launch (install) the extension and run the ‘Convert CMF to CMF2 files’ tool.

To learn more about the tool work, watch the video tutorial ‘How to convert CMF file to CMF2’.

CarryMap for Android devices is available in Google Play, and CarryMap for iOS is available in App Store

Click here to download CarryMap for Windows.

Please inform us about any bug you find at and describe the problem as you can, providing as many details as possible. Do not forget to mention your CarryMap app version.