Untie Your Maps!


Try our powerful ArcGIS Desktop extension CarryMap Builder to create
mobile maps for use on iOS, Android devices and Windows computers,
not tied up by internet availability and subscription fees.

New CarryMap for Windows

Now all your .cmf2 maps
are available on any
Windows computer

Make your ArcGIS map mobile

Source MXD file including layers, symbology, attributes and attachments preserved as is while export to mobile map.

Take advantage of using your own full functional mobile map

Use your mobile device to turn layers on and off, find your current location with GPS/GLONASS, use identify option to learn facts about your waypoints or any object you come across on your way, as well as:

Find your current location, identify and search objects even offline

Record tracks

Create and edit points, lines,
polygons and their attributes

Add ArcGIS Online or OpenStreetMap basemaps to make your maps more informative

Add new object attributes
and edit existing ones

Create and manage your own projects consisting of several
CMF, GPKG and KMZ files

Collect data

Collect data with your mobile device using predefined templates taking advantage of convenient interface for carrying out surveys and inspections

Maps and data sharing


Distribute your mobile maps to unlimited number of GIS and non-GIS users via free CarryMap mobile apps available at AppStore and Google Play.


Share collected data as GeoPackage (Open Geospatial Consortium format) with users
of ArcGIS for Desktop or other software. Share collected data
in KMZ format with users
of Google Maps, Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, etc.


Send your mobile maps by email or open CMF, GPKG and KMZ
from and save to known cloud file services integrated to CarryMap mobile apps.

Maps for wider audience

No paid subscriptions required for users of your mobile maps.

No specific software or professional GIS skills required to work with mobile maps via user friendly interface clear for everyone.

Secure and protect data

Protect your mobile map with password available for selected users.

Allow access to your mobile map for devices with specific IDs.

Limit access to your mobile map by setting map availability date.

Note that map protection is an optional setting
specified while preparing your ArcGIS map for export. If you do not want to restrict access
to your mobile map, just skip this option.

Selected CarryMap use cases

Planning hiking routes and visits
to national and amusement parks

Mapping hazardous areas
for landmines and unexploded ordnance clearance

Monitoring power grid
in remote locations

Creating and sharing
mountain biking trails

Carrying out oil pipes
ecology survey in steppes

Creating maps based
on crowdsourced wildlife data