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This video is a review of the updated CarryMap app functionality: offline access to maps, finding current location, recording tracks, features creation and identification, adding photo and video attachments to features, exchanging data, using map features as destination points.

Tutorial video

This video demonstrates the options available for downloading the map to smartphone and opening it in the CarryMap app. Being online you can download the map from the file hosting. If no Internet is available, connect your smartphone to your computer via USB cable and download the map from computer to smartphone. To download the map to iPhone use iTunes, as shown in the video. Besides, you can download any map from the embedded CarryMap Gallery.



This video is a review of feature creation and edition process.



This video is a review of the tool for creating point feature on-the-fly using the device camera. You just need to take a photo of the site or download the existing photo from your gallery and the feature location on the map will be defined based on the photo coordinates.



This video is a review of creating polygon by GPS track.



This video demonstrates the process of adding attachments to feature in any format (photo, video, document) selecting the file from the gallery.



This video is a review of the tool for adding graphic and text marks to the map.


This video is a review of the tool for creating a bookmark on the map for quicker access. Bookmark is a saved extent of a selected map area. The bookmark can be printed or shared with your peers.



This video demonstrates the process of sharing data. Supported data formats are GPX, KMZ, SHP, and GeoPackage.



This video demonstrates CarryMap functionality of going to coordinates in DD or DMS format. For users convenience, the switch in the search bar for going to coordinates has been added, so that you could switch between coordinates display formats, selecting DD or DMS. For each format, the sample/prompting message showing the correct coordinates entry will appear.



This video demonstrates additional option for searching text and numerical data in CarryMap app. Now you can search not only for the separate word, but also for the whole phrase. To do so, enter the ‘!’ sign in the beginning of your search query, and the search result will show only the requested number, word or phrase. This option will simplify searching through big arrays of numerical and text data.



This video demonstrates the process of creating feature by specific coordinates by the example of creating polygon in CarryMap app. To create any feature by specific coordinates (point, line or polygon) use ‘Create by coordinates’ tool in the identification card. Consistently input coordinates of feature selecting coordinates display format (DD or DMS) and needed feature will be created in the app.