Russian Arctic National Park, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia

National park "Russian Arctic" is the northernmost and the largest specially protected natural area in Russia.

The park includes the northern part of Novaya Zemlya (Severny Island) with adjacent islands and the Federal national reserve Franz Josef Land.

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The park area is the rookery place for walruses and seals and is one of the largest seashore colonies of birds in the Northern Hemisphere, where nest eider ducks, Iceland gulls, brant geese, guillemots, and pink-footed geese. It is also the habitat of polar bears, bowhead whales, arctic foxes, and narwhals. Russian Arctic was established to preserve the unique nature of the Arctic.

Ecological tourism is rapidly developed in the park. Besides traditional activities of any national park to preserve wildlife and environment, the "Russian Arctic" undertakes another top-priority mission – cleaning up the territory heavily polluted during Arctic lands reclamation at Soviet times.

Visiting of all sites on the shore by tourists is allowed only if accompanied by the expedition team and the national park inspectors. Places for landing and park visiting rules are strictly regulated.

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