CarryMap for Windows is available for downloading

Meet our most recent release - CarryMap for Windows, a free application for viewing .cmf2 maps on Windows computers.

CarryMap for Windows is a free desktop application for viewing .cmf2 maps on any Windows computers providing the following functionality:

Identifying and searching objects

Identify map objects and view their attributes info by simply clicking them on the map. Besides this, you can search features by names or other attribute fields.

Measuring distances and areas

Use simple but handy measuring tools to measure length of your planned travel route or area of the pipeline inspection, etc.

Using online basemaps

Online basemaps may be very helpful when your map contains objects you need to work with, but no general reference points like major roads, cities, or water bodies. Just add one of eight available basemaps to make your map more informative and simplify your terrain navigation.

Showing current location

This feature may be useful for people working on tablets with Windows desktop installed. It allows you to find and show your current location on the map while you are in the field.

Try these and other options, click here to download CarryMap for Windows.