New CarryMap for Android and iOS are released

Learn what’s new in the most recent version.

We are happy to announce that the new CarryMap for Android and iOS has been released and is available in Google Play and AppStore.

What’s new in CarryMap:

This release mostly represents the app interface changes. Renewing the app design, we wanted to make it more intuitive and easy-to-use.


What awaits you in the new version?

  • New updated interface;
  • Access to gallery of free offline maps;
  • Simplified UI/UX for field data collection option;
  • Support of external Bad Elf GPS devices;
  • Ability to cash online maps;
  • Support for shapefiles;
  • QR scanner - ability to fill attributes by using QR code;
  • Direction to the selected object - ability to use specific object on the map as a target, where the arrow indicates the direction of movement, and the target object is marked with a flag symbol;
  • Ability to specify different symbols for point objects (as colored pushpins and other icons);
  • Ability to change the shape of Labels, My location, and Targets icons;
  • Ability to record tracks during data collection autosaving the track every 5 seconds;
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Please note that in the next updates we are going to implement a lot of new functionality requested by our users. You are always welcome to share your ideas and comments regarding CarryMap app via